Overview of videos

July 2020 Morocco. M’Hamid Oasis. Halim Sbai has experienced his childhood oasis being covered with sand because of desertification. Visiting Nomads of Sahara he comes up with an idea to win over the Sahara.http://

Earth Day Activities 2015

Short video compilation of the Taragalte Festival 2013,  featuring Oum.


Video of Oum’s Taragalte song.
Look close and you will see our trees, GROASIS waterboxx’s and Ilham and me as well.
So cool! Many thanks to Oum.

Earth Day Activities 2013 in Ouarzazate, South Morocco.


Sahara-Roots attends Taragalte Festival 2012


Planting trees during the Taragalte Festival 2011, featuring Khaira Arby.


Wanda of Sahara Roots Foundation is interviewed during Tagaralte Festval 2012


Documentary by Basil Schweri from Bern, Germany (www.caminovie.info)
Piece by piece, the Sahara is spreading, the last oasis in M’Hamid (Morocco) has also been severely affected. Trees are a natural protection against the “devastation” of the oasis.