Stichting Sahara-Roots is geregistreerd als ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling‘  (ANBI)
Stichting Sahara-Roots ANBI number is 819730671
Further ANBI requirements: “ANBI Publicatieplicht 2020

Feel free to contact us by email or telephone:
Sahara-Roots Foundation | Wanda Hebly – van Leeuwen
Phone: +31 (0)6 5422 7620 or +31 (0)35 623 9658
Address: Sahara-Roots Foundation
‘s-Gravelandseweg 158, 1217 GA Hilversum, The Netherlands

Registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Hilversum,
the Netherlands, under number 32135287 Sahara-Roots Foundation

The bank account number of the Sahara-Roots Foundation is:
Stichting Sahara-Roots in Hilversum, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL94RABO0143475525

There are different ways to donate towards our activities:

DONATE & COMPENSATE your CO2 emmisions by planting trees!!
Send an email to: with your wishes.
Please include your name and address. We will send you an invoice for the amount you wish to donate. Once we receive your payment, you will receive a Sahara- Roots Tree Planting Certificate!!

Donate a tree for just 10 EURO!!
It is possible to plant a tree without your presence as we will take care that they are planted in the designated areas.

Donate a Groasis Waterboxx for Euro 40 including:
* transportation of the waterboxx from The Netherlands to Morocco
* import tax & transport within Morocco,
* trees or shrubs and tree care-taking for 1 year

Buy the “Me and my Sahara” booklet and help support educational activities at schools
This booklet is for sale for Euro 10 plus postal costs.
It is available in the following languages:
French /Arabic