Goals of the Sahara Roots Foundation

  • to work together with other foundations, such as L’Association Zaila, in the area of Mhamid el Ghizlane
  • to help preserve the Moroccan Sahara and provide a better future for its inhabitants through educational activities
  • to help the inhabitants of the Sahara become aware of their threatened environment
  • to donate the booklet “Me and My Sahara ” to schools and children in South Morocco as a tool to help teach about the delicate balance of nature in their environment.
  • to help sell the booklet “Me and My Sahara” in the Netherlands and Morocco in order to be able to donate the booklets to schools in Morocco.
  • to help find funds for example, by giving presentations, that can be used for example to plant trees such as tamarisk, in order to help fight the problem of desertification
  • to invest in long term sustainable development projects such as planting of trees, with the help of the unique Groasis Waterboxx system. With this new invention we have been able to increase the survival rate of the trees that we planted substantially.
  • to encourage Eco-tourism