The Booklet “Me and my Sahara”
The booklet ” Me and my Sahara” was written and illustrated by Wanda Hebly. The story was translated into Arabic by my teacher Mrs. Ima Bakal.

“Sow seeds”
Education is essential in creating awareness of the world in which we live. With this booklet, I hope to “sow seeds” in the minds of young children living in the Sahara, and open their eyes to the importance of preserving their beautiful but fragile environment.”

A tool for education
The booklet ” Me and my Sahara” will be used by the Sahara-Roots Foundation as a tool to help educate young children by giving this booklet to young school children in the Sahara area of Southern Morocco. The proceeds from the sale of the booklet will help to provide funds for the different projects of the Sahara-Roots Foundation.

For everyone
This booklet is suitable for all those who love to help children become aware of their own environment in a lovely way.

This booklet is for sale for Euro 10 plus postal costs.

It is available in the following languages:
French /Arabic