Sahara Roots Foundation

A grassroots approach to reduce desertification in the Moroccan Sahara

Our Main Goals

To help preserve the Moroccan Sahara and help provide a better environment for the people living there.

Fighting Desertification Fighting Desertification

Combating Desertification: a combination of Nettoyage, Education and Tree-planting During my first trips to Morocco since 2002 I was enchanted by the beauty of nature, the friendliness of the people and the purity of the culture, especially in the area at the edge of the Sahara Desert south of Ouarzazate around the village of M’hamid […]

Tree Planting Tree Planting

Tree planting in combination with the Permaculture system and Groasis Waterboxx’s. Why plant trees? Trees help combat climate change and desertification. They absorb excess and harmful CO2. Trees help us breathe clean air and absorb odours and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ozone. Trees help communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability […]

Desert Cleanup Desert Cleanup

Nettoyage: The Sahara is sadly becoming polluted. This puts the fragile balance of the ecosystem of the Sahara in danger and as well as the oasis villages around the edge of the Sahara. During one of my first hiking trips in the desert area around M’hamid I saw a strange bird flying through the air. […]

Journal Posts

14 May

Newsletter Earth Day activities April 2018

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14th of May 2018: 10 years Sahara Roots 2008 – 2018 Dear friends of Sahara Roots, It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that today the Sahara-Roots Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary!! We are very proud of what we have accomplished but we realise that we never could have achieved this […]

10 April

International Earth Day April 2018

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In partnership with the Taragalte and Sahara Roots Foundation, and with the support of the Provincial Council of Zagora, the Ministry of Water and Forests,  representatives from National Education department, the Ministry of Tourism, the CPT of Zagora as well as the community of Tagounite and that of Mhamid, L’Association Zaila for Culture and Sustainable […]

24 January

Sahara Roots Newsletter January 2018

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So, with the knowledge of the elders, with the Groasis waterboxx’s, and with Permaculture techniques such as wadi digging, we hope to create a small divers, green oasis within the existing oasis as an example of what can be done to fight desertification and to show that not all is lost. Please read more: Sahara Roots […]

How can you help?

  • Donate a tree for the Sahara

    Help us continue our work by letting us plant a tree in the Sahara for you“!
    In this way you contribute in:
    – helping to keep our planet green!
    – helping to stop desertification!
    – helping to educate children in the ways of sustainability
    – helping to end migration to the already full cities

    - Donate a tree for the Sahara
  • It’s about meaningful communication

    Buy our booklet ” Me and my Sahara” for 10 EURO!!
    These booklets are used by the Sahara-Roots Foundation as a tool to help educate young children in the Sahara area of Southern Morocco. The proceeds from the sale of the booklet will help to provide funds for the different educational projects of the Sahara-Roots Foundation.  Available in the following languages: Dutch/Arabic, English/Arabic & French /Arabic.

    - It’s about meaningful communication
  • Spreading the word about our work

    We love to give presentations about our work. Whether it be in the local schools or during festivals in Morocco or spreading the word in The Netherlands during meetings with different clubs such as the Rotary. This creates the possibility of fundraising by then receiving donations, selling “trees” or by selling our booklet “Me and my Sahara”.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information on our presentations! 

    - Spreading the word about our work